Students entering Emmanuel Christian Academy  for the first time are given diagnostic tests to determine their precise educational performance level.  These tests also identify learning gaps.  The student is then prescribed academic material to strengthen their specific weaknesses. The student succeeds because they receive curriculum that meets their needs and then challenges them to achieve a higher academic performance level.

Emmanuel Christian Academy

Mastery Learning
In the Learning Center, each student moves ahead only when they have demonstrated mastery. Because each child builds upon concepts they fully understand and progress when they are academically prepared for the next step, their knowledge and skill retention improves.  Mastery is foundational for future learning and leads to academic achievement.

High Standards in Education
Although there are many choices in education today, choosing  Emmanuel Christian Academy using A.C.E. curriculum will give your children an education that provides Biblical principles with Scripture, academic excellence, character training,, and spiritual growth.  A.C.E. curriculum reflects high standards and is built on a Biblical foundation that will prepare your children for the world today and give them the tools necessary to succeed in the future.

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